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4 Funny videos in File Share

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4 Funny videos in File Share Empty 4 Funny videos in File Share

Post  RSTea on Sat Jun 05, 2010 9:21 pm

Sorry, I would have rendered them, but I don't have enough minutes at the time.

Anyways, the names of them are:

Reading Fail: (Multi Flag CTF on Standoff) As I camp inside my base with a shotgun, I get bored and read the sign next to me. Halfway through, I get assasinated.

Funny Betrayal: (Multi Flag CTF on Sandtrap) My teammate attempts to stick a warthog, and instead sticks my chopper. I get sent into the air and land on another teammate.

Grenade Fail: (Multi Flag CTF on Sandtrap) I throw a frag grenade under an enemy warthog, which then flies into the air and splatters me mid-jump.

Stalker Fail(not actually sure that's the has Stalker in it.): (FFA Slayer BRs) I throw a sticky and stick an active camo guy.

I hope you like at least one of them. I'd have to say you'll probably like Reading Fail.

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