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Post  Billy on Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:28 am

Heyyyyyyy there. Never actually owned an Original XBOX not going to lie. But I went over to my friends house one day when he got Halo Combat Evolved and I instantly fell in love. I finally got Halo for the PC to satisfy my craving. Soon i got my first Xbox 360 and had to get Halo 2. Mainly because any time I play or see anything, I MUST see it all the way through, I cant even watch a movie if its 5 minutes into it. So ya i got and beat Halo 2 (with the most epic cliffhanger ending EVER), and then bought Halo 3. Beat it normal and legendary. Now I mainly play custom games. I am what you can call obsessed. My dad compares me to to an addict in withdrawl when I can't play lol.

Now comes the videos. I needed an elective for 9th grade and took TV Production because I love movies and heard it was a fun class. I fell in LOVE with making movies after that. Then I was introduced to Red vs Blue, they showed me the capabilities of machinima. I've seen EVERY episode. Anyways i found out that I could make movies with Halo 3. At the time I had no means to do so. Now with Bungie's rendering service I can start and hope to soon own a capture card Very Happy

Well after mentioning that, my other passions include guitar, music (classic rock!), baseball (go BRAVES!), and etc. I'm also in the IB program in school so if you don't know what that is, its basically the only classes HARDER than AP. So ya I usually know my shit lol. Currently getting a band together and working on a girlfriend. Till then I'm Billy, and your not. (10 pts for getting that)


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Post  Zichs on Thu Oct 15, 2009 3:59 pm

Well Billy.. Making a machinima is Pretty Darn Difficult. You need A Story line, Characters, And really original Voice Acting.

Also, Nice to meet you billy Very Happy


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