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Post  Jeoxecre on Sat Jul 30, 2011 5:19 am

His pubic hair ground into my barely furred pubis and the bony ring at the base of his cock ground against my clit. It was short enough that even a slight shake could reveal what was underneath. I was past that point. Rick brought the child to yet another orgasm. Although she didn’t know the guard’s name, she recognized him by his manner and the patterns of his sounds: his steps were heavy and had a peculiar shuffle; and he seemed fascinated with her body. Her lap was warm against my rear, and when she reached around underneath me to unfasten my belt and unbutton my slacks, she did so with a naturalness that was both disconcerting and very exciting. A part of her wanted desperately to see as her fingers spread open her lips and revealed the soft pink interior. Also you cannot remove the assstraightener no matter what. The child gagged on the thrusting cock but then swallowed the head and let it go down her throat. Her and her lover discovered that men would pay big bucks to fuck and abuse a pregnant whore.


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