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Post  nic3 Qc on Tue Oct 11, 2011 12:05 am

Please ignore the message my stupid self sent to you before reading about the "remove www" part.

Carter is evil: Carter shoots a Moa for no reason and says "That's going in your file, soldier." I thought it was a funny quote.
Fail and win: I fail to get a very easy kill, but redeem myself by killing an sword-wielding ennemy in a ninja way, probably also saving my teammate.
Creative killing: I shoot a mongoose with a concussion rifle and it splatters an ennemy.
Cool core stop: Invasion: Breakpoint: Litteraly inches away from their victory, I push the core and the elite who had it and they fall to their death. The core resets.
Lag! Why do you hate me?: I get in the boost on The Cage and headshot an ennemy as I am in the air. However, the game lags and I fall to my death, and the headshot doesn't count even though the ennemy is dead. A total of -1 for a very cool move.
Sickest betrayal ever: I shoot two rockets at an ennemy falcon: the first one loops aroud, hits it but doesn't destroy it, and the second one loops aroud and destroys my teammate's falcon. I get booted from the game.

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