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Music Used in Our Films

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Music Used in Our Films

Post  Creator Stewie2552 on Thu May 14, 2009 2:23 am

Episode 1:
-This is the Hour, Marty O'ddonell
-Yakety Sax, The Benny Hill Theme
-The Final COuntdown, Europe

Episode 2:
-XP Sounds Attempt, Robbi 985

Montage 1:
-Rooftops (A Liberation Transmission), Lostprophets
-Hold On Tight, ELO
-The Ol' Beggars Bush, Flogging Molly

Montage 2:
-Broken Hearts and Torn Up Letters, Lostprophets
-Know Your Enemy, Green Day
-Let It Rock, Kevin Rudolf

Montage 3:
-The New Transmission, Lostprophets
-Livin' On A Prayer, Bon Jovi
-Torch Relay Theme, Kamasutra Dub

Episode 3:
-Mr. Larpus

Montage 4:
-You Know My Name, Chris Cornell
-Feel Good Drag, Anberlin

Montage 5:
-A town called hypocrasy, Lostprophets
-The Pretender, Foo Fighters

Making of PLanet Halo:
-Luv Ur Fr3nz
-Feel Good Drag, Anberlin
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