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A Few of Clip Submissions

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A Few of Clip Submissions Empty A Few of Clip Submissions

Post  IVIop on Fri Oct 23, 2009 3:25 am

I'm going to render them all shortly, so here's my SR link.
There are four or five clips, they are the only clips i have on my fileshare. Please reply if you accept any!

The list is as followed:
Slot 9: ....
Slot 21: Exterm (nice 2 4 1 to get the extermination)
Slot 22: Alley oooooop! (I do a 360 after getting the oddball tossed to me and i dunk it)
Slot 25: Sweet Flag Cap (I glitch through a wall, grab a double kill, then take the flag.


NOTE: The clip of the alley oop was done by me, but I was playing local. If you look into it the guys name is Jeremy that I'm playing with. Proof it's local


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