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Post  A Sneaky Peekat on Fri Oct 23, 2009 9:22 am
This is on my main account A Sneaky Peekat
slot 2 - not really a fail but a cool win, the guy was beating me before then i ninja him for the lead then overkill to win, him being my last kill too
slot 6 - very funny team doubles clip i got while playing with my friend
This is my backup account now, Th3Wis3Monk3y
slot 4 - strange combination of glich and lag, shotty guy kills himself, bubble shield goes in the wall for a sec, grav hammer guy dies when i do, i get sucked through the floor. pretty damn funny
slot 5 - very funny warthog fail, barely missed the overkill, wasnt really paying attention when it happened

thanks guys! (all of these clips were done by the same person even though sometimes im playing as guest) if that matters lol

A Sneaky Peekat

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