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Post Your Halo 4 Videos HERE! Empty Post Your Halo 4 Videos HERE!

Post  Creator Stewie2552 on Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:03 am

Hello everyone! The time has come for Halo 4 Fails and Laughs!

Remember to save and record your funny moments, fails, wins, and WTF moments, then send them to us!!!


Save the film with your moment you would like to submit. Go into theater, and then record said moment, only has to be one angle I can go in and adjust the cameras to my liking. Allow approximately 8 seconds before the moment, and 8 seconds after the moment to make it easier to use your clips! You can submit as many as you want!

Once you record your moment, upload it to your file share! Then, head on over to , sign in as your gamertag, view your file share, then copy the link of the film you would like to submit! Copy that and paste it into a reply to THIS thread! Provide a very brief summary, and your gamertag! It's that simple!!!

We cannot make these videos without you! PLEASE submit your videos! Thank you so much.

Heroes never die
Halo 4 Life!


Creator Stewie2552
Creator Stewie2552

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Post Your Halo 4 Videos HERE! Empty Re: Post Your Halo 4 Videos HERE!

Post  mexkain on Wed Apr 10, 2013 6:57 am

Link: out of my house
Gamertag: MexKain
Description: I hijacked a ghost and killed the driver, and the body was shot through the man cannon


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Post Your Halo 4 Videos HERE! Empty Confetti, Backstabber, and Army of Two

Post  DANTE090 on Sat May 25, 2013 5:54 am

Confetti: Getting two lucky dead on shots against a mantis with my incineration cannon and getting an over kill and instant ordnance drop xD

Backstabber: Getting a triple assassination while in an Oddball match.

Army of Two: My first match of team doubles with my friend and we owned the other team so bad they left before it could end with them not getting any kills.

*NOTE) For some reason, when I went to put my username in (also my gamertag) it wouldn't let me put in the whole name. My gamertag is DANTE0909


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Post Your Halo 4 Videos HERE! Empty Re: Post Your Halo 4 Videos HERE!

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