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2 funny clips! Both clips involve funny betrayals

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2 funny clips! Both clips involve funny betrayals

Post  D Bo Squirrel on Sat Jan 30, 2010 2:13 am

Ok, so I have two clips
1st clip: I have a laser, my friend is the VIP and he's in a ghost. I'm aiming (and charging) the laser to kill an enemy VIP. My friend comes up behind me and passes me ... right in my line of fire. I fire the laser, killing my VIP and the other VIP. That shot was like it never happened.

2nd clip: I see someone camping in a bubble shield on Valhalla (where the turret is) i assume he has a shotgun. So I charge in the bubble shield, but my friend splatters him (with a banshee) just as I was throwing the plasma grenade. It sticks to my friend and kills him.

Here are the links, only one video is rendered... sorry, i ran out of minutes, and the other is in my fileshare.

VIP Betrayal: It's in Slot one, labeled as "BetrayalVIPKO

Banshee Betrayal Bo Squirrel

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